Republican governor is a hypocrite

How do you spell hypocrite?

Try Mark Sanford.

The South Carolina governor has been an outspoken opponent of President Obama’s economic stimulus program, calling it wasteful and a ticket for higher taxes in the future.

But funny thing is Sanford has no trouble taking the money.

According to Associated Press, Sanford has decided to take stimulus money to increase weekly unemployment checks by $25.

Sanford’s decision came over the weekend after he determined that every other state would be taking the extra benefit money, said spokesman Joel Sawyer. “Every other governor in the country had signed off on the request as well,” Sawyer said.

Sanford, the head of the Republican Governors Association, has been a harsh critic of the stimulus package signed into law last week and other federal bailouts. Other Republican governors have been critical of the stimulus program but they too have agreed to take the money. I think that used to be called talking out of both sides of your mouth.

According to Associated Press, the stimulus bill calls for using $145 million to increase South Carolina’s unemployment benefits. The average unemployed worker now gets $243.94 weekly; the maximum benefit is $326.

The stimulus money brings the first increase in state jobless benefits in at least two years, Employment Security Commissioner Becky Richardson said. Sanford’s decision to use the money came Saturday. The next day he was on “Fox News Sunday” with other governors in an appearance where he refused to rule out a 2012 presidential bid.

 South Carolina posted a 9.5 percent unemployment rate in December, the nation’s third highest. The state’s fund that pays benefits to the jobless has been depending for months on hundreds of millions of dollars in federal loans to stay solvent.

While he is accepting money for the increase, the governor will not likely go along with part of the stimulus plan that extends unemployment benefits to part-time workers, Sawyer said. “That’s something that’s a near certainty that we will not be taking,” he said.

Sawyer said expanding benefits to part-time workers would ultimately add more expenses to the state’s unemployment trust fund and increase the taxes businesses pay into the fund. But one thing’s for certain at this point. If Sanford can get the Obama administration to pay for it, he’ll gladly take it. And then he undoubtedly will continue to bash Obama. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.


One Response to Republican governor is a hypocrite

  1. CJ says:

    He is governor for ALL South Carolinans.

    He has every right as a citizen of the USA to be critical of Obama’s stimulus plan.

    Just because he is critical of the plan doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t accept it for the citizens of South Carolina.

    That’s how REAL representatives represent.

    They do what’s best for the people that elected them.

    I never saw where you called Tim Mahoney a lying 2 faced thief for telling the voters that he would introduce legislation to decrease the size of the state legislature even if it meant him losing his job as a state representative.

    Then after he was elected, he said he changed his mind.

    Any comment?

    I didn’t think so.

    I, too, am critical of Obama’s stupid and wasteful stimulus crapage.

    He is wasting money on a maglev from Nevada to Disneyland, $250 to “disabled” people, expanding welfare programs, cutting defense spending, and giving workers 20 cents an hour or $1.70 back in taxes per day.

    $1.70!!! Wow! That will go a long way to stimulate the economy.

    But wait, I am sure that $5 billion dollars to ACORN will go even further to stimulate the economy.

    I don’t know about the economy but it sure will stimulate those thieving liars who hoarded up all those illegal voters to the polls for Obama.

    Thats a lot of money for tax payers to pay for an election.

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