Murtha right again

U.S. Rep. John Murtha deserves credit for speaking the truth.

Unfortunately some people don’t like what he has to say and then try to twist his words to suit their purposes.

Murtha has come under fire for saying that the suspected terrorists being moved from Guantanamo are “no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo.”

He added there was “no reason not to put ’em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners.”

Now some people apparently took that to mean that Murtha was proposing that a special prison be built in his district to house the prisoners from Guantanamo. But that’s not what he was saying. He’s just saying these guys should be treated the same as other prisoners. After all, the federal prisons are full of serial killers and mean, vicious cold-blooded killers. How could the Guantanamo detainees be any worse?

Of course, the Republican fear mongers can’t have that. They need to make people scared and frightened. So, Republican U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts, who represents Lancaster and the surrounding area, led the charge.

“I know for certain constituents in my district do not want known terrorists brought to their communities, or neighboring communities for that matter,” said Pitts. “There is no good reason to willingly bring these dangerous men into the United States. I don’t want them in Pennsylvania, or anywhere in the United States for that matter.”

So, exactly what are we supposed to be scared about these Guantanamo detainees? Are they super villians able to climb walls and fly out of prisons? Or do they have x-ray eyes and super hearing? It’s ridiculous. These guys are no better or worse than the other prisoners being held in various penal institutions throughout Pennsylvania and the United States.

After all, it’s not like these guys are going anywhere soon. When was the last time you heard of a major breakout from a federal prison? You haven’t because it’s not happening. These maximum security federal prisons are just that. It’s pretty near impossible for anyone to escape. So, why all the fear about these detainees. Could it be that Republicans are just looking to scare and frighten people with tall tales of Muslim terrorists? Nah, these Republicans would never do that. Right?

Well, people would be well advised to consider carefully what Murtha’s saying and not be fooled against by the fearmongers on the Republican side.


10 Responses to Murtha right again

  1. CJ says:

    Murtha is wrong again and so are you, if you agree with all the things he has spewed in the past.

    First, he said that the all of the Marines were cold blooded murderers in the incident in Haditha, Iraq and apparently, you agree.

    The fact is almost all of the Marines were found not guilty and are now suing “You Don’t Know Jack” Murtha for defamation of character.

    Murtha should have been brought up on charges of being unethical and disclosing classified information and possibly espionage, as he went public with classified and confidential information from an ongoing classifed investigation.

    Second, Murtha declared (and apparently you agree) that the citizens of his district here in the Fay-west area are racist rednecks. Does that include the black citizens, too?

    Oh, but Senile Jack apologized, so all is ok, right?

    Third, these prisoners that are being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are not “federal” prisoners, they are being held as combative prisoners, or military/war prisoners.

    Tell the public how many war criminals are being held in Pennsylvania or any other federal prison in the USA.

    I will help you. The answer is ZERO.

    I have heard calls to bring these prisoners to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, but that within itself would be a travesty of justice, not to the prisoners held at Gitmo, but to the prisoners held at Leavenworth, because Leavenworth houses US military prisoners who have committed crimes ranging from being AWOL to petty theft to adultery to murder.

    We would wast even more money segregating them from the American military prisoners and right now we already have Marines at Gitmo, so it costs us very little to store the bums at Gitmo.

    These war criminals, who are not American citizens, in Gitmo have no US Constitutional rights, since the Constitution only gives these rights to US citizens, that is why it is called the US Constitution and not the World Constitution.

    These criminals should not be brought to the US.
    They should be held in Gitmo or transferred to Iraq or Afghanistan to be held in a military prison there, but you liberal nuts already called for them to be released from Abu Ghraib and that is why they are in Gitmo now.

    Hell, while we are at it, why don’t we release all of the prisoners in jail for plotting against the US, espionage (that’s spying) against the US, murder, child molestors, etc.

    They are all good rehabilitated people, that is, until they strike someone you love, then it’s all a different ballgame, right, Mark?

  2. executiveeditor says:

    Oh yeh, that Abu Ghraib thing worked out so well, huh? Here’s the thing. Where would you rather have these guys? In a prison here where we can keep a good eye on them or Iraq or Afghanistan where who knows will be guarding them. That doesn’t make any sense to me. And whoever said anything about rehabilitating these people? I sure never did. I They can keep them in isolation cells or wherever they keep these kind of vicious killers. The point is that these folks are no worse or better than the worst criminals we already have here. And if we can keep these guys from escaping (as we already do) than why are we so worried about these terrorists. Lock them up and t hrow away the key.

  3. CJ says:

    They are locked up, but Obama won’t allow us to throw away the key.

    I don’t understand why we don’t want them at Gitmo.

    Gitmo is a Naval/Marine base in Cuba, so in reality, they are being held in a prison on US soil/property.

    Why do we want to close Gitmo?

    They are being treated a whole lot better than any muslim terrorist treated the Americans that they captured.

    I haven’t read any where that we beheaded any of the prisoners, they get all of their meals, prayer time, yada yada yada.

    Why close the prison?

    In these bad economic times, it would cost more money to move them, then it would to keep them at the base where it is already set up to house these isolated prisoners.

    Besides, if they escape Gitmo where would they go? Habana? I am sure that cave in Afghanistan has more high tech equipment than Habana does.

  4. Tree Hugger says:

    CJ maybe the liberal nuts who called for their release from Abu Ghraib believe in the Geneva Convention rule regarding prisoners of war. Are you insinuating that what was done there was okay? Interesting that from what I have read, John McCain also believes that Gitmo should be closed. Since he was a prisoner of war himself, I respect his opinion.

    Why do you turn Mr OKeefe’s comments into meaning that he and/or liberals would think that we should release all prisoners that are in jail for horrendous crimes. It also seems that you think US military prisoners at Leavenworth who committed murder are somehow better than any other people who commit murder.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think any of these people are good guys but we cannot just make up our own rules as Bush did as we go along. I thought that the search for WMD got us into this war to begin with – have we found any yet???

  5. Christopher Fee says:

    I must disagree with you regarding the GITMO prisoners. These are combatants , not bank robbers , kidnappers … These are dangerous people. In the case of the Al Qaeda conspirators , they declared war on the U.S. in the 1990s. They cannot be kept in a prison with our ” regular” criminals for various reasons. Much of their work is accomplished through cells. Do you honestly think that these warriors will not try to develop more contacts ? I am sorry ,but our prisons are not filled with patriotic criminals. These are desperate souls who will do just about anything for money. Does a sociopath care about society ? Also , what about the prison employees ? I am sure that there is a corrupt one here and there willing to pass on information for some monetary reward.

    Many characterize the GITMO prisoners as war criminals. Fine ! They should receive the same treatment as the Nazis and Tojo’s boys.

    Prison seems to have little impact on these fellows. For example , the Saudis just captured 2 former detaineees involved paramilitary cells the other day.

    We must move beyond Abu Graib. We learn from our mistakes.The GITMO prisoners need to be isolated. While it may or not be in the U.S. , it is naive to believe that they can be contained within the federal prison system. They do not have x-ray vision , but to allow them even minimal contact with non-highly trained personnel is dangerous.

  6. Tree Hugger says:

    I doubt they would be put in with the general population in any prison and would instead be in soliitary confinement.

  7. CJ says:

    So, if they will be kept in solitary confinement, then leave them at Gitmo.

    Gitmo is considered US soil and is a military prison, so why should we move them from one prison to another, which just gives a chance for them to escape.

    Why is this even an issue?

  8. Christopher Fee says:

    Tree Hugger:

    I agree with you that they would be placed in solitary confinement , but with the monetary resources available to Al Qaeda , this is still insufficient. These are not your typical murderers and thieves. These fellows are bent on destroying our way of life. If isolated “gang bangers” can still function within the federal prison system so can Al Qaeda.

    I am not sure if current international law accurately applies to the Al Qaeda and its supporters. These are non-governmental actors. This is different type of war. There are no capitals to capture and so forth… It seems to me that America and the international community needs to devise a new set of rules for these non-governmental actors–including dealing with the rising rate of high seas piracy.

  9. John Levy says:

    Ahhh, old Jack, my hero!

    Breaking news, read about it in today’s (Feb.10) paper. No, not the Herald-Standard, maybe the Wash.Post. Well, maybe somebody will cover it. The Pork King’s house is crumbling. Oh well, Fat Jack will just play like Barry Soetoro and conveniently forget with whom he associated in the past and just how close he was with those associates.

    What am I talking about? Like I said, read about it in today’s papers or on the network news. Geez, how silly of me, it just won’t be that easy. I forgot that the watchdogs of our government are now just the government’s mouthpieces. But dig deep and maybe you’ll find the Murtha story somewhere today.

    Rest assured, at some point his past will catch up with him. Just like Barry Soetoro, who, you may recall, came up unscathed through the Chicago political machine.

  10. Lonny Cozardi says:

    Ummm, Mr. O’Keefe, were do you get your information from when you say stuff like this, “After all, it’s not like these guys are going anywhere soon. When was the last time you heard of a major breakout from a federal prison? You haven’t because it’s not happening. These maximum security federal prisons are just that. It’s pretty near impossible for anyone to escape.”

    – “Federal prison escapes are up, and they have
    been going up since 1992 when over 550 Federal detainees jumped the fence, or held up a guard, or smuggled themselves out by way of a trash truck, did
    whatever they had to do to break out, break away from, the law and creep back into the society to resume their unlawful and in too many instances
    violent ways. That number has continued to increase to around 600 escapees in 1993 and up to 660 escapees last year.”

    Just a sampling from a quick search on Google:

    *2004 Garden City Federal Prison MO Three convicted felons forced their way out of police custody today by briefly taking one visitor hostage and then making a getaway in a prison van, an FBI investigator revealed today.
    *2004 El Reno (AP) – State, local and federal law enforcement are searching for an inmate who escaped from the federal prison at El Reno.
    *2005 ABC News: Murderer Escapes La. Federal Prison
    *2006 – Murderer escapes federal prison in Louisiana
    *2008 Indiana – Police in the Wabash Valley are on the lookout for an inmate who has escaped from the Terre Haute Federal Prison.

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